March 2012  

Fordec feeds hundreds of poor hungry children each day. But untill recently they had only temporary cooking facilities .

Their old kitchen lacked many essentials: not enough water for cooking, not enough storage room for uncooked food, not enough counter space for food preparation, no hood over the stove to get rid of the smoke and the floor didn’t drain properly leaving the floor constantly slippery and wet. So Fordec set about to raise the money for a proper kitchen They estimated they needed $20,000.

In the USA, Fordecusa was able to raise about $2500, largely from generous donations from Dan and Kim Ploy of Fresno, CA. John and Ida Lee of Redlands, CA. and A garage sale held on Sept. 3, 2011

And from Thailand money was donated by …..

Pruksa Real Estate Public Memorial fund of  Pakdi Yongvanich Sustainable Energy Foundation Transportation Co.,Ltd. Samutprakran International Ladies’ s Club  (SILC) PTT Public Company Limited. Thai Herrick Thai Red cross Society Mr.Rodney – Mrs.Julie Heather H.E.LUIGI  BRESSAN Insieme Si Puo’o  Italy United Way Worldwide / General Mills Foundation

On Feb. 14th, 2012…the 14 anniversary of the founding of Fordec, the daycare center celebrated the grand opening of their new kitchen facility

KITCHEN PICTURE Fordecusa’s President , Wandee Smid made a trip to the Daycare center see the new kitchen for herself.