Boy With A Bamboo Heart

Amporn BookThis is the fascinating story of Dr. Amporn’s life written by a former volunteer at his foundation, Chantal Jauvin. 

Dr Amporn was orphaned at the age of five in a rural village in Northeastern Thailand. A few years later, illiterate and hungry, he found himself in the Cambodian army fighting the French as the Indochinese war raged. Surviving with serious wounds, he eventually recovered, returned to his village and became a Buddhist monk. Through hard work and study, he learned to read and write and eventually was able to move to Bangkok where he became a novice monk. The intriguing story continues to outline how he left the monkhood, married,  became a Catholic, had children, worked for a Catholic charity and eventually founded FORDEC.

You will find this a fascinating story that underlines why he has dedicated the remainder of his life to helping orphaned and disadvantaged children. 

The book is available directly from the author. If you choose to purchase it from the author, then 100% of the proceeds are donated to FORDEC.

The book is also available on all ebook platforms: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iTunes. It is also available on Amazon. However if purchased from a third party, FORDEC receives only a small amount as most of the price goes to the distributor and publisher. 

In Asia the book is distributed by Asia Books.

Won’t you help by picking a copy for yourself and a few more for your friends?