We can always use volunteers. We welcome anyone as a volunteer: students, working professionals, retirees, or any one else who wants to help.

Here are some ways you might consider helping us:

  • Provide your ideas for events.
  • Help us market an event or project.
  • Help us with social media and raising awareness about who we are and what we do.
  • Help us administratively with tax forms and banking.
  • Join our board. Our board is currently made up of a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. We are considering adding a marketing board member as well as someone to take care of this website and our social media. These are volunteer positions with no pay.

FORDEC Thailand
FORDEC Thailand offers many opportunities to get deeply involved with the children and with Thailand. FORDEC Thailand welcomes anyone who wants to help.  

Many volunteers are college students from abroad who get college credit. Fordec cooperates with their universities and fills out evaluation forms after their term of service is over.
Other volunteers are retirees from abroad. Many older volunteers are on a pension and are able to bank their pensions while enjoying Thailand’s low cost of living.

The volunteers pay their own airfare and living expenses while in Thailand. Fordec provides ivolunteers with an air conditioned apartment above the FORDEC office. There is a nominal charge of 3,000 baht (100 USD ) a month to cover the cost of utilities.

During the day, volunteers work in the office helping with English translation, paperwork and correspondence. They also volunteer at the daycare center teaching basic English or helping out with the kids. When Fordec travels upcountry the volunteers can go along to help. Volunteers with special skills are encouraged to put them to use whenever possible.

Volunteers are not held to a strict schedule. They are free to make their own timetable and allocate their own time to vacation or sightsee as they see fit. After office hours, they are free to explore Bangkok on their ownIf volunteer want to stay longer than the usual 1-month tourist visa or the 3-month non-immigrant visa, We will help provide them the paperwork to obtain or extend their visas.

Volunteering with us is easier than with other organizations. There are no tests to take. No complicated paperwork to fill out. No long term commitments. And you do not need to have advanced skills, degrees or training. Volunteering is an enriching opportunity to help the poor in any way you can, and a wonderful chance to learn about a different culture. It can also be an inexpensive way to travel and sightsee in Thailand

If you are interested in coming to Thailand to volunteer with Fordec we encourage you to write or email us:
1. Briefly introduce yourself and explain why you wish to volunteer
2. Tell us what you hope to accomplish
3. Suggest how you would like to help Fordec as a volunteer
4. Indicate how long you would like to stay in Thailand and how long you wish to volunteer with Fordec.
5. List any terms, conditions, limitations or expectations you have that Fordec should be aware of.
6. Attach or enclose a resume of your education and work experience

Email your information to: