FORDEC USA is a truly non-profit organization. It has no paid staff. Everyone is a volunteer. Out of every dollar donated, about 96 cents goes to help the poor.

Our goal is to try to use every donated dollar to buy a meal, a pair of shoes or school supplies for a needy child.

You may mail donations to: 
467 Lewis Avenue
San Leandro, CA 94577 USA

Fordecusa is a qualified tax-exempt organization with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status (tax exempt ID # 26-2663445). Donations to Fordecusa qualify as tax deductible. Make all checks payable to FORDEC USA . As you can see, the need is great.


Ways to Help

CELEBRATE BY GIVING Do you have a birthday coming up? Suggest that guests make an inspiring charitable donation to Fordec in your name instead of giving a traditional gift In fact any occasion that calls for a gift of flowers, candy or presents can be used to sponsor a Fordec child instead.


  1. Having a Wedding? Instead of sending your guests to a wedding registry, send them a link to Fordec’s “HELP A CHILD” page and ask them to help a child instead of buying you a toaster or bedsheets.
  2. Instead of giving favors to wedding guests, place a photo of a child that you’ve sponsored on their behalf at their table.
  3. Buy a bicycle for a poor Thai child so he/she can get to school…and have the donors name on the bike.Suggested donation: $50.
  4. Donate to the Daycare Center’s building fund and have your name on a plaque, floor tile or a brick.
  5. Host a party where everyone brings their unwanted pennies or loose change to donate.
  6. Or how about a school or class project… sponsor a young child from a poor Thai family  Web-1-4