Sponsor a Child

Food ChildFORDEC Thailand’s center does not have the resources to provide sleeping or living accommodations for the children, but it does provide daily care to more than 200 of them. This care includes two meals each day, education which prepares them for normal school. Many of the children have had no exposure to reading or writing and are not eligible for school because they lack basic skills or an address. FORDEC provides both of these. FORDEC also teaches them personal hygiene such as caring for their clothes, showering and brushing teeth. And FORDEC provides school uniforms and shoes.

All of this is expensive. By sponsoring one child with a one-time or monthly donation, you can greatly help to offset these costs. We recommend a monthly donation of USD$30 which will cover the cost of feeding one child for one month, but any amount is greatly appreciated. If you can donate $50 each month, you will provide a child with a school uniform, additional clothes, shoes, school supplies, and hygiene items.

We cannot identify a specific child by name, but you may come at any time to our center and spend time with the children. We love volunteers to drop by for a few hours, a day or longer.  We can provide transportation to and from the center from any hotel or residence in the greater Bangkok area. Simply send an email to: Amporn@fordecthai.org