Food ChildIMG_0715Hundreds of children in Thailand go without food or with scraps and garbage every day. Dr. Amporn, the founder of FORDEC, was himself a hungry orphan at the age of 5 and deeply understands how painful it is to be without anything to eat.

FORDEC Thailand’s original goal was to provide at least one meal each day for as many children as possible. Today more than 200 children receive breakfast and lunch at FORDEC’s center in Bangkok. They also receive education about nutrition and personal hygiene. FORDEC is in the middle of one of Bangkok’s largest slums and children have easy access to its clean facility and to a place of comfort, learning, and nutrition. 

Feeding each child costs about $30 each month. Additional costs include small salaries for the cooks and funds for purchasing cooking utensils and fuel. Food and food preparation are the largest expense that FORDEC has and money to fund this program is its greatest need. If you can help, even a modest donation will help fill a child’s belly.